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21 03, 2019

2019 HEPI / Advance HE Parliamentary Breakfast Seminar: How best to teach undergraduates – can universities learn from schools?

21 March, 2019|Events, Seminars|0 Comments|

At a time when academics specialising in education are paying an unprecedented amount of attention to ‘what works’ in the teaching of school children, there is – arguably – less attention paid to the question of how best to teach university undergraduates. This is especially topical given the way the Teaching Excellence and Outcome Framework continues to evolve. In the new regulatory landscape for HE, with the student interest the key focus and driver for change in the sector, does there exist an opportunity to learn more from the world of schools about how to ensure teaching gets the focus it deserves?


Sir Anthony Seldon, Vice-Chancellor, University of Buckingham

Dr Ben Styles, Research Director and Head of Education Trials Unit, National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER)

Professor Helen O’Sullivan, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Education), Keele University

Invite-only. For further information, please contact Sarah Isles, HEPI Development Director, 

27 02, 2019

2019 HEPI / Advance HE Parliamentary Breakfast Seminar: Widening participation and fair access: is it time to re-set the debate?

27 February, 2019|Events, Seminars|0 Comments|

With social mobility at a standstill, universities are increasingly being seen as part of the problem and not the solution, with advantaged students still massively outnumbering disadvantaged students in the corridors of learning – especially in relation to the most selective institutions. Against this back-drop, the Office for Students is driving forward a major shake-up in how we regulate access and participation to ensure greater numbers of disadvantaged students enter higher education, thrive in their studies, and go on to good employment. But with a more sophisticated understanding of how privilege operates in society today, is it time to re-set the debate? What can universities do to open up opportunities for all irrespective of background? And how can they make sure their investment in widening participation and fair access really can be the game changer that it needs to be?


Shakira Martin, President, National Union of Students

Chris Millward, Director of Fair Access and Participation, Office for Students

Alan Rusbridger, Principal of Lady Margaret Hall, University of Oxford and former Editor-in-chief of the Guardian

Invite-only. For further information please contact Sarah Isles, HEPI Development Director 

31 01, 2019

2019 HEPI / Advance HE Parliamentary Breakfast Seminar: Boom or bust? How can institutions – and the regulator – best respond to the new market pressures in HE?

31 January, 2019|Events, Seminars|0 Comments|

Uncertainty has become a fact of life for HE institutions, with the policy environment in which they operate remaining in a state of flux and the impact of demographics and Brexit focusing minds on the best strategies to navigate the (perfect) storm ahead. In the newly developing and highly competitive market for HE, is it inevitable that there will be winners and losers? How should universities respond? And what role for the new sector regulator as student champion?


Barry Sheerman MP, Member of Parliament for Huddersfield

Professor Adam Tickell, Vice-Chancellor, University of Sussex

Rachel Wolf, Founding Partner of Public First, member of the Civic University Commission Steering Group, and former No.10 Policy Adviser

Invite-only. For further information, please contact Sarah Isles, HEPI Development Director 

27 11, 2018

2018 HEPI Annual Lecture by Professor Ihron Rensburg, former Vice-Chancellor of the University of Johannesburg

27 November, 2018|Events, Lectures|0 Comments|

HEPI’s Annual Lecture 2018 was delivered on Tuesday, 27th November by Professor Ihron Rensburg, former Vice-Chancellor and Principal of the University of Johannesburg (2006 – 2017).

Professor Rensburg spoke of ‘Global Africa: Nelson Mandela and the Meaning of Decolonizing Knowledge and Universities – Problems and Opportunities’.

The event was chaired by Sir Ivor Crewe, Master of University College, Oxford and Chair of HEPI’s Trustees, and was followed by a drinks reception.

The event was enabled to take place through the generous sponsorship of Pearson, for which HEPI is very grateful.

The text of the Lecture is available here.

19 11, 2018

HEPI Partner Roundtable Dinner, 19 November 2018

19 November, 2018|Events|0 Comments|

On Monday, 19 November 2018 HEPI will be hosting a roundtable dinner for its partner organisations.

The HEPI Partner Dinners are invite-only and organised exclusively for our HEPI Partners. For further information please contact Sarah Isles, HEPI Development Director,

30 10, 2018

HEPI/GuildHE Roundtable Specialist institutions and the HE policy challenge: ensuring Westminster and Whitehall understand their policy needs

30 October, 2018|Events|0 Comments|

HEPI roundtable lunch organised in partnership with GuildHE focusing on the policy challenges specifically facing specialist institutions in the new regulatory landscape for higher education, hosted by Ravensbourne University London on Tuesday 30th October (12pm to 2.15pm)

Policy-makers typically lavish praise on specialist institutions, which they tend to portray as jewels in the crown of UK higher education. Yet, despite this, specialist institutions tend not to have the same focus as other priorities when it comes to setting policy. At the roundtable lunch HEPI & GuildHE want to focus the discussion on what makes specialist institutions excellent, what policies could make them even better and how to ensure policy makers don’t inadvertently harm some of our best institutions through unintended consequences.

Chaired by Gordon McKenzie, Chief Executive, GuildHE, speakers to include Nick Hillman, HEPI Director; Professor John Last, Vice-Chancellor, Norwich University of the Arts; and Professor Joanna Price, Vice-Chancellor, Royal Agricultural University.

Invite-only.  For further details please contact Sarah Isles, HEPI Development Director: 

2 10, 2018

HEPI / UPP Roundtable at the Conservative Party Conference 2018

2 October, 2018|Events|0 Comments|

On Tuesday, 2nd October 2018, HEPI and UPP co-hosted a roundtable seminar on Improving student retention: How can UK universities create ‘sticky campuses’? at the Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham. The speakers included Neil Carmichael, former Chair of the Education Select Committee, and Professor Robert Allison, Vice-Chancellor at Loughborough University. The event was chaired by Nick Hillman, HEPI’s Director.

24 09, 2018

HEPI / UPP Roundtable at the Labour Party Conference 2018

24 September, 2018|Events|0 Comments|

On Monday, 24th September, HEPI and UPP co-hosted a roundtable seminar on Improving student retention: How can UK universities create ‘sticky campuses’? at the Labour Party Conference in Liverpool. The speakers included Dr Roberta Blackman-Woods MP, Shadow Planning Minister and Chair of the APPG for Universities, and Professor Mark E. Smith, Vice-Chancellor at Lancaster University. The roundtable will be chaired by Rachel Hall, Editor of the Guardian HE Network.

18 09, 2018

HEPI / Centre for Education Economics Roundtable Lunch: ‘Senior Executive Pay in Education’

18 September, 2018|Events|0 Comments|

On Thursday 18 September 2018 HEPI and the Centre for Education Economics will be hosting a roundtable lunch on the topic of senior executive pay in education.

Education, even when not directly paid for by taxpayer money, is an area where according to common discourse executive pay should not exceed that of the Prime Minister. Set against this, the trustees appointing and rewarding these executives argue they have to compete in an increasingly global market. Moreover, given the size and scope of many education institutions today, the skills sets required by these executives are not necessarily found in the grass-roots of their sectors but are sometimes claimed to be more akin to those running private corporations and industry, arguably requiring similar levels of executive pay to attract the best talent. These issues are frequently discussed in relation to university vice-chancellors and multi-academy trust CEOs.
More specifically in higher education, the issue of vice-chancellors’ pay (how and in what way it is set) has become a lightning rod for discontent in the HE sector across a broader range of issues from the perceived erosion in employment rights for academic staff, especially early career researchers, through to the funding and financing of higher education (and the move to the student loans system) which culminated in the damaging pensions row which engulfed the sector earlier this year.

The HEPI / CfEE roundtable will bring together senior leaders and policy experts in the field to consider:
• Does the evidence justify the scale of increase in senior executive pay in institutions?
• How global (and competitive) is the education recruitment market?
• How can the education sector become more transparent in the setting of senior salaries?

James Croft, CfEE Chair and Acting Director, will introduce […]

17 09, 2018

HEPI / Advance HE seminar: ‘Bridging the capability–expectation gap: University governance in an age of new regulation’

17 September, 2018|Events|0 Comments|

On Monday, 17 September HEPI and Advance HE will be hosting a seminar on the theme of ‘Bridging the capability–expectation gap: University governance in an age of new regulation’.

Now that the Office for Students (OfS) is firmly up and running and its regulatory framework – due for full implementation in August 2019 – has been published, the seminar will focus specifically on what this new regulation means for university governors, thinking about the expectations that will be put on them in relation to their current capabilities and competences, and to consider the skills that will be needed on university boards to equip them to navigate the regulatory challenges of the future.

Topics to be looked at in the seminar will include (but are in no way restricted to):

• developing the knowledge and expertise of university governors;
• ensuring the right skillsets are represented on university boards;
• enhancing the diversity of university boards;
• promoting training and development in this area, particularly concerning board apprenticeships; and
• developing membership of university boards as an attractive option for professionals from other key sectors from which there is much to learn.

With guest speakers Professor Paul Layzell, Principal, Royal Holloway, University of London; Professor Dame Shirley Pearce, Chair of Council at the LSE; Dr Tony Strike, University Secretary and Director of Strategy and Governance at the University of Sheffield; and Ruth Wilkinson, Outgoing President, University of Kent Student Union.

To register for the seminar please go to: