Too good to fail by Ruth Thompson

  • 26 November, 2014

In this guest blog, Ruth Thompson, co-chair of the Higher Education Commission’s recent inquiry into financial sustainability (and a member of the Hepi Advisory Board), discusses the group’s recent work.

On 24 November the Higher Education […]

Student loans: BIS Select Committee versus the Government

  • 16 November, 2014

Ten days ago, the Government’s response to the Business, Innovation and Skills Committee’s report on Student Loans was published. It received some press coverage at the time, for example from Times Higher Education, the BBC and the Guardian.

They all […]

The autumn statement, the Treasury and postgraduate funding

  • 10 November, 2014

The Director of Hepi, Nick Hillman, discusses some of the issues around postgraduate funding that are under discussion in the Treasury.

As the UK’s only specialist think tank on higher education, Hepi keeps a close […]

HEPI in the News: The Haldane Principle and the 2015 election

  • 24 September, 2014

The Director of HEPI, Nick Hillman, has an article published today on the Guardian’s Higher Education Network website about Liam Byrne’s claim that the Coalition Government are subverting the Haldane Principle.

One of the arguments in […]

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