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  • Universities and the Media

    7 May 2021 by Matthew Andrews

    This blog was kindly contributed by Dr Matthew Andrews, Secretary and Registrar at the University of Gloucestershire. You can find Matthew on Twitter @HE_MPA. On the 24 May, the University of Gloucestershire and HEPI will be co-hosting the event ‘Universities and the Media’ where we will hear from Chris Skidmore,…

  • More needs to be done to level the playing field

    6 May 2021 by Anulika Ajufo

    This blog was kindly contributed by Anulika Ajufo, Chair of Board of Governors, University of East London. I chair the board of a diverse London university. We are a careers-led university, dedicated to supporting our students to develop the skills, emotional intelligence and creativity needed to thrive in a constantly…

  • What are the different parties promising students in Scotland at tomorrow’s election?

    5 May 2021 by Nick Hillman

    Today, the HEPI blog looks at the commitments on student finance made by the five main players in this week’s elections to the Scottish Parliament. This follows on from Monday’s blog, which considered the commitments on higher education by political parties seeking election to the Senedd in Cardiff. When it comes…

  • Why it is *not* a choice between ‘university’ and ‘vocational education’?

    4 May 2021 by Mike Ratcliffe

    This blog was kindly contributed by Mike Ratcliffe, Academic Registrar at Nottingham Trent University, writing in a personal capacity. Mike also runs his own blog Moremeansbetter and you can find Mike on Twitter @mike_rat. Apparently, 85% of people asked what they would want to have happen next for 18-year olds…

  • Higher education at the 2021 Welsh elections: What are the big parties promising?

    3 May 2021 by Professor Richard Wyn Jones

    This guest blog has been written for HEPI by Professor Richard Wyn Jones, Director of the Wales Governance Centre at Cardiff University. HEPI’s previous output on Wales includes Is ‘progressive universalism’ the answer? The new student funding arrangements in Wales. Welsh universities are currently preparing for the outcome of the…

  • Relationships and Sex Education must go further

    30 April 2021 by Lisa Hallgarten

    This blog responding to HEPI’s most recent report was kindly contributed by Lisa Hallgarten, Head of Policy and Public Affairs at Brook. Brook provides clinical sexual health services in England, Relationships and Sex Education in England and Wales, training for teachers, workshops, e-learning and information for university students across the…