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The HEPI Blog aims to make brief, incisive contributions to the higher education policy landscape. It is circulated to our subscribers and published online. We welcome guest submissions, which should follow our Instructions for Blog Authors. Submissions should be sent to our Blog Editor, Josh Freeman, at [email protected].

  • The Unique Digital Future of Marketing and PR in Higher Education

    19 July 2024 by Annabelle Earps

    In today’s dynamic digital environment, the changes occurring in marketing and public relations (PR) are particularly significant and complex relative to other sectors. As businesses increasingly turn to digital platforms to engage with their audiences, the need for professionals adept in digital marketing and PR strategies is growing rapidly. This…

  • Five things to watch ahead of results day 2024

    18 July 2024 by Ben Jordan

    In the same way that opinion polling predicted how the public was likely to vote at this month’s UK general election, UCAS’s June 30 Deadline data offers a strong steer on what demand for higher education may look like come the start of term. Hundreds of thousands of students on…

  • 10 ways for Labour to fill the HE policy vacuum

    17 July 2024 by Giles Carden

    At a recent HEPI Partners’ dinner, Sir Anthony Seldon cited his new book coauthored with Tom Egerton ‘The Conservative Effect 2010-2014 – 14 Wasted Years?’ He provided some thoughts on what in higher education had changed for better or worse during this period. It will not have gone unnoticed that…

  • What are select committees, and how should the sector engage with them?

    16 July 2024 by Edward Hicks

    What are select committees? With a new Parliament will come new select committees to scrutinise the Government. In the House of Commons, these committees are usually composed of 11 MPs. Most Commons committees are headed by a Chair elected in a secret ballot by all MPs. Committees are overtly cross-party…

  • The climate for change: How university sustainability is impacting student decision-making

    12 July 2024 by Leigh Kamolins

    What matters to students continues to evolve as the world around them changes. Through QS data and analytics – including the International Student Survey which collates the perspectives and motivations of over 115,000 international students annually – it is becoming clear that a greater awareness of environmental and social sustainability…

  • We should have anticipated higher education’s ‘Grey Rhinos’

    11 July 2024 by Gert Jan Scheurwater and Mike Boxall

    It is not difficult, with the power of hindsight, to identify the three Grey Rhinos, and institutions’ responses to them, that have underpinned the current crisis facing UK universities.  Grey Rhinos are defined as “highly probable, high impact but yet neglected” systemic disruptions; they are not random surprises (like Black…

  • Lunchtime Reading: The higher education backgrounds of Keir Starmer’s new Cabinet

    10 July 2024 by Joseph Morrison-Howe

    As Keir Starmer’s first cabinet begins to govern, HEPI takes a look back to where and what the new cabinet members studied for their undergraduate degrees. Our analysis finds: The two undergraduate subjects studied by the most members of Starmer’s cabinet are Law and Politics, Philosophy and Economics (each studied…

  • The role of Higher Education in driving flourishing regions

    9 July 2024 by Andrew Connors, Katy Heaphy and Paul Kett

    Universities are invaluable to the national economy and important anchor institutions in their regions. In 2021-22 around 285 higher education providers across the UK hosted 2.9m students and contributed £71bn to UK GDP. However, both the UK’s regions and our universities are facing times of change and challenge, leading to…