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  • Hong Kong University students’ online learning experiences under the Covid-19 pandemic

    3 August 2020 by Weiyan Xiong, Jin Jiang, & Ka Ho Mok

    This blog was kindly contributed by a team of researchers at Lingnan University, Hong Kong. They are Weiyan Xiong, Assistant Professor (Research), Jin Jiang, Assistant Professor (Research), and Ka Ho Mok, Chair Professor of Comparative Policy. Online Learning in the COVID-19 Pandemic Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, online…

  • PhDs and value: why we need to re-think the ‘leaky pipeline’

    30 July 2020 by Bethan Cornell

    This blog was written by Bethan Cornell, author of PhD Life: The UK student experience and PhD students and their careers. I have often been asked whether or not the ‘leaky pipeline’, which describes the large numbers of PhD students and early career researchers who leave academia, is really a…

  • Why regional networks in higher education are more important than ever

    27 July 2020 by Diana Beech

    This guest blog has been kindly contributed by Dr Diana Beech, Head of Government Affairs at the University of Warwick and incoming Chief Executive Officer of London Higher. You can find Diana on Twitter @dianajbeech . England’s higher education sector is no stranger to Government challenge. Over the past five…

  • Over the Horizon

    27 July 2020 by Sarah Main and Graeme Reid

    This blog was kindly contributed by Sarah Main, Executive Director of CaSE and Professor Graeme Reid, Chair of Science and Research Policy at UCL. You can find them both on Twitter @drsarahmain and @GraemeTR . Higher education and research organisations across Europe have called for continued UK participation in EU…

  • SUNDAY READING: Ofqual’s Summer Symposium, Slide 12: Examiner’s Report

    26 July 2020 by Dennis Sherwood

    This blog was kindly contributed by Dennis Sherwood, who has been tracking the goings on at Ofqual in relation to this year’s public exam results for HEPI. This is the ninth in the series as we rapidly approach the release of the GCSE, AS and A level grades in the…