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  • On the level: what Civic Engagement must now do for London

    15 October 2021 by Frances Corner

    As Goldsmiths launches a Civic University Agreement co-developed with 11 anchor institutions in the London Borough of Lewisham, Warden Professor Frances Corner OBE reflects on what Civic Engagement means for London in the era of levelling up. Frances is on Twitter @FCorner. London is in the firing line these days.…

  • Three important things to remember about the Spending Review

    13 October 2021 by Nick Hillman

    The Spending Review is just a few days away. There’s not much more than can be said about it … except perhaps three things. 1. The question I am most commonly asked at the moment is: ‘What will be in the Spending Review?’ It is interesting to speculate but it…

  • Employability: what is the university’s responsibility?

    11 October 2021 by Saskia Loer Hansen & Kathy Daniels

    Saskia Loer Hansen, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Engagement) and Professor Kathy Daniels, Associate Pro-Vice Chancellor (Engagement), Aston University. The 2021/22 academic year has seen record numbers of young people starting undergraduate programmes in the UK. According to UCAS, on 30 June 2021 (the final deadline to apply for up to five courses)…

  • Peter Scott: How do we tackle the crisis of mass higher education?

    8 October 2021 by Peter Scott

    This blog was written by Peter Scott who is Emeritus Professor of Higher Education Studies at the UCL Institute of Education and Commissioner for Fair Access in Scotland. My new book – Retreat or Resolution? Tackling the Crisis of Mass Higher Education – which is published by Policy Press today…

  • Seven Takeaways from the Tory Conference

    6 October 2021 by Nick Hillman

    There has been no shortage of education events at this week’s Tory Party Conference – mainly on the fringe programme but with a little education action in the main auditorium too. No one could have gone to all of the education-themed events, as some have overlapped, but here are some…

  • A new UK-wide measure of socioeconomic disadvantage

    5 October 2021 by Tej Nathwani

    This blog was kindly contributed by Tej Nathwani, Principal Research (Economist) at HESA. Introduction Enhancing social mobility by ensuring there is equal opportunity for all and delivering more equitable growth across regions are policy objectives of governments in all UK nations. Higher education is expected to have an important role…

  • Stakeholder engagement is the only way out of the higher education drugs problem

    4 October 2021 by Arda Ozcubukcu

    This blog was kindly contributed by Arda Ozcubukcu, co-founder and director of NeuroSight. Arda is on Twitter @ArdaOzcubukcu. An open and honest conversation around drugs does not exist within and across higher education institutions. Staff and students do not believe there is an environment in which they can freely express…