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The HEPI Blog aims to make brief, incisive contributions to the higher education policy landscape. It is circulated to our subscribers and published online. We welcome guest submissions, which should follow our Instructions for Blog Authors. Submissions should be sent to our Blog Editor, Josh Freeman, at [email protected].

  • We need to talk about staff retention in the sector

    28 November 2023 by Leo Hanna

    Universities are in a difficult spot. Demand for higher education is high, with more and more young people seeing the value of a university education, which is obviously great news for the sector. On the other hand, we’re hearing from university leaders that there are fewer and fewer staff around…

  • Good practice in investigating allegations of sexual assault and harassment on campus

    27 November 2023 by Owen Bubbers-Jones

    Allegations of sexual harassment and assault by students aren’t going away with awareness campaigns and helplines. A new Oxford University study has found that one in four female students at the university had experienced some form of sexual assault in the previous year. While there are sector-wide standards in place, there…

  • Building Bridges to Beijing?

    23 November 2023 by David Law

    In common with most institutions in the sector, Keele is aiming to expand its connections in China.  As part of this work, in September 2023 I joined a mission of Vice-Chancellors, Pro-VCs, and senior staff from 20 UK universities.  We visited Beijing, Shanghai, and some other cities.  The meetings were…

  • Four cost-neutral ways to alleviate universities’ financial woes

    22 November 2023 by Susanna Kalitowski

    Not a week goes by these days without a story in the print or broadcast media about the dire finances of UK universities. Why? As a university chair neatly put it in these pages, ‘all our costs are rising fast, and our largest single source of income is constrained by…

  • How students spend emergency hardship funding

    20 November 2023 by Peter Gray

    Universities across the UK offer an impressive scope and scale of interventions to support students in financial need but despite the scope and scale available, as HEPI report – How to beat a cost-of-learning crisis: Universities’ support for students – pointed out, students in many universities are unable to receive…

  • Review of The Robbins Report at 60 (HEPI Policy Note 49) by Mike Shattock

    18 November 2023 by Michael Shattock

    The Robbins Report was not produced (paras 1-2) out of a political vacuum. The Government had been alerted to the future funding dilemmas posed by the likely increase in the demand for student places in higher education by the Treasury through the University Grants Committee (UGC) and appointed Lord Robbins…