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  • A welcome argument, but only half of the argument

    12 December 2019 by Tim Blackman

    ...the only way to address this problem is to return to student number controls at an institutional level and require institutions to use entry quotas banded by grades above a minimum matriculation requirement to create mixed ability intakes across the board.

  • Last-minute election musings

    12 December 2019 by Nick Hillman

    This has been an odd election. Many of the original expectations about it – such as the idea that the vote would be almost solely about Brexit or that the parties would eschew the leader-centric campaigning that didn’t work for Theresa May or that smaller parties would benefit from greater…

  • HEPI Election Resources

    11 December 2019 by Michael Natzler

    With the polls opening in just over 24 hours, we saw it fit to draw together all our content from the last six weeks related to the race for No. 10. For a comprehensive run down of the key issues affecting UK higher education in this election, look to our…

  • What is the ideal method of delivering material to improve student welfare?

    10 December 2019 by Bede Rauh

    This blog was kindly contributed by Bede Rauh, Co-Founder of Thrive and Survive. Recently the joint HEPI / Unite Students New Realists report delivered the resoundingly accurate statement: Part of the misunderstanding about today’s school leavers comes from an unwarranted assumption that people miraculously become fully fledged adults between leaving…

  • The ethics of data

    5 December 2019 by Rachel Hewitt

    Today we are publishing new research looking at students’ views on their data security. This is a topic we have not previously written about at HEPI, but this feels like a critical time to be exploring this issue.  Universities and other related organisations now collect huge amounts of data on…