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In recent years, HEPI has produced over 20 reports a year. They are all available free of charge here on our website and all our longer reports are also available in hard copy from the HEPI office.

The version on the website should be regarded as the version of record.

  • Where will students hold the balance of power in the 2024 General Election?

    17 June 2024

    This report by HEPI and the National Union of Students, authored by Josh Freeman, uses data from the 2021 census to model the potential impact of student voters in the 2024 General Election. It finds that students hold the balance of power in 50 constituencies which are expected to be…

  • Student Academic Experience Survey 2024

    13 June 2024

    This year’s HEPI / Advance HE Student Academic Experience Survey (SAES), authored by Jonathan Neves, Josh Freeman, Rose Stephenson and Dr Peny Sotiropoulou, is the 18th edition of this longstanding publication. It explores, in depth, the experiences of full-time undergraduate students. The SAES has become a firm feature of the higher…

  • Four futures: Shaping the future of higher education in England

    6 June 2024

    Former Vice-Chancellor, Professor Sir Chris Husbands responds to the financial and policy challenges facing the English higher education by sketching out four different plausible futures: Scenario 1: The evolution of the present Scenario 2: Delivering the 2010 vision Scenario 3: A place-based tertiary system Scenario 4: A differentiated system All…

  • Trans and non-binary student experiences in UK higher education

    23 May 2024 by Josh Freeman and Rose Stephenson

    This report explores the experiences of trans and non-binary students across UK higher education. It compiles new and existing data, alongside interviews with students and academics, to outline the journey from application, through study, to post-graduation. It highlights the unique combination of challenges trans and non-binary students face, including lower…

  • A Minimum Income Standard for Students

    9 May 2024

    The Minimum Income Standard (MIS) is an approach developed by the Centre for Research in Social Policy (CRSP) at Loughborough University to determine how much money different groups in the population need to have for a minimum acceptable standard of living. This Report, published by HEPI and TechnologyOne in partnership…

  • The Exchequer benefits and costs associated with the Graduate Route visa

    7 May 2024 by James Cannings, Maike Halterbeck and Dr Gavan Conlon, London Economics

    On 12 March 2024, the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) was commissioned by the Home Office to conduct a rapid review of the Graduate Route visa, to be concluded swiftly by 14 May 2024. In response to the Home Office, the Chair of the MAC, Professor Brian Bell, noted: ‘the timescales for…

  • How should undergraduate degrees be funded? A collection of essays.

    11 April 2024 by Rose Stephenson

    This collection of essays, edited by Rose Stephenson, Director of Policy and Advocacy at the Higher Education Policy Institute, delves into the challenges of financing higher education. From Chloe Field’s critique of marketisation to Jo Johnson’s model of differentiated fees, the collection navigates several funding scenarios. London Economics provide an…

  • Technology Foundations for Twenty-First Century Higher Education

    28 March 2024 by Mary Curnock Cook

    This collection of essays, edited by Mary Curnock Cook CBE and sponsored by LearningMate, brings together leading Edtech voices to explain how technology is already improving higher education and how much more it could potentially do to transform the student experience for the better.

  • Show me the money: an exploration of the gender pay gap in higher education

    14 March 2024 by Rose Stephenson

    Mandatory gender pay gap reporting has been a requirement for many higher education providers since 2017. This report examines the data and the subsequent progress made during this time. The report ranks higher education providers by a number of metrics relating to the gender pay gap. Rankings can be a…