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18 Oct, 2018

A University Turnaround: Adaptive Leadership at London Metropolitan University, 2014 to 2018

18 October, 2018|By John Raftery|Publications

20 Sep, 2018

Targeted Tuition Fees: Is means-testing the answer?

20 September, 2018|By Alex Usher and Robert Burroughs|Publications

6 Sep, 2018

David versus Goliath: The past, present and future of students’ unions in the UK

6 September, 2018|By Jim Dickinson and Mike Day|Publications

30 Aug, 2018

HEPI Policy Note 8 Is ‘progressive universalism’ the answer? The new student funding arrangements in Wales

30 August, 2018|By Nick Hillman|Publications

23 Aug, 2018

Filling in the biggest skills gap: Increasing learning at Levels 4 and 5

23 August, 2018|By Dave Phoenix|Publications

19 Jul, 2018

Cracking the code: A practical guide for university free speech policies

19 July, 2018|By Diana Beech|Publications

8 Jun, 2018

Change is coming: how universities can navigate through turbulent political times

8 June, 2018|By Diana Beech|Publications

7 Jun, 2018

2018 Student Academic Experience Survey

7 June, 2018|By Jonathan Neves (Advance HE) and Nick Hillman (HEPI)|Publications|3 Comments

24 May, 2018

How different is Oxbridge?

24 May, 2018|By Charlotte Freitag and Nick Hillman|Publications

10 May, 2018

Reaching the parts of society universities have missed: A manifesto for the new Director of Fair Access and Participation

10 May, 2018|By Paul Clarke and Dr Diana Beech (Editors)|Publications