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The UK's only independent think tank devoted to higher education.

About us

The Higher Education Policy Institute was established in 2002 to shape the higher education policy debate through evidence. We are UK-wide, independent and non-partisan. We are funded by organisations and universities that wish to see a vibrant higher education debate as well as through our own events.

Our editorial independence is guarded by an Advisory Board and our Trustees, who conduct a peer review process on all our major projects.

HEPI is a company limited by guarantee and a registered charity. Our charitable objectives, as outlined in HEPI’s Articles of Association, are:

to promote research into and understanding of all aspects of higher education and to disseminate the useful results of such research for the education and benefit of policy makers and the general public in the United Kingdom.

Income and expenditure

We aim to be transparent on our funding, which varies a little from year to year. Broadly speaking, subscriptions from higher education institutions (listed here) provide 45% of our income; corporate Partners (here) provide 30% of income; events raise 15% of income; and the rest comes from co-sponsored projects.

Our spending is generally in the region of half a million pounds a year. As a charity, we cannot make a profit and, if there is a surplus, it is cautiously invested as charitable reserves for future use. Our expenditure for a typical year looks like this.

Our Accounts and Trustees’ Reports are available on the Charity Commission website.