HEPI runs a range of events selected to maximise their effectiveness in reaching out to our target audiences and include invite-only high level seminars (such as our annual series of House of Commons breakfast seminars), conferences, one-to-one briefings, as well as set-piece events such as the HEPI Annual Lecture given by a senior international figure. Some of these events result in publications, which we also make available online.

22 Mar, 2017

HEPI-HEA Parliamentary Breakfast Seminar: Post-Brexit Britain: what is the ‘new normal’ for universities?

22 March, 2017|Events|1 Comment

22 Feb, 2017

HEPI-HEA Parliamentary Breakfast Seminar: Splendid isolation? Have universities become too dis-engaged from their local communities?

22 February, 2017|Events, Seminars

24 Jan, 2017

HEPI-HEA Parliamentary Breakfast Seminar: An unnatural division? Research and Teaching – how can the twin pillars of HE thrive?

24 January, 2017|Events, Seminars

13 Dec, 2016

Seeking Social Mobility Solutions: is equality of opportunity in higher education and the professions possible within the current system? Bridge Group Christmas Reception hosted in partnership with HEPI

13 December, 2016 - 13 December, 2016|Events, Seminars

8 Dec, 2016

2016 HEPI Annual Lecture by Dr Martha J. Kanter, former US Under Secretary of Education (2009-13) and now Executive Director of the College Promise Campaign and Senior Fellow, New York University’s Steinhardt Institute of Higher Education Policy

8 December, 2016 - 8 December, 2016|Events, Lectures

7 Dec, 2016

HEPI Partner Roundtable Dinner with guest speakers Sir Anthony Seldon, Vice-Chancellor, University of Buckingham, and Dr Martha Kanter, 2016 HEPI Annual Lecture Guest Speaker

7 December, 2016 - 7 December, 2016|Events

17 Nov, 2016

HEPI-UPP Foundation Roundtable Dinner on university access with guest speakers Alan Rusbridger and Professor Tim Blackman

17 November, 2016 - 17 November, 2016|Events

8 Nov, 2016

HEPI Roundtable Dinner on the future for research with guest speaker Gareth Davies, Director General Business and Science, Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

8 November, 2016 - 8 November, 2016|Events

19 Oct, 2016

HEPI Expert Policy Seminar “Higher Education in New Zealand: What might the UK learn?”

19 October, 2016 - 19 October, 2016|Events, Seminars

4 Oct, 2016

HEPI-UPP Roundtable Seminar at the Conservative Party Conference: ‘Are our universities facing a mental health crisis?’

4 October, 2016 - 4 October, 2016|Events, Seminars|1 Comment