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  • Where will students hold the balance of power in the 2024 General Election?

    17 June 2024

    This report by HEPI and the National Union of Students, authored by Josh Freeman, uses data from the 2021 census to model the potential impact of student voters in the 2024 General Election. It finds that students hold the balance of power in 50 constituencies which are expected to be…

  • Students’ cost of living: The HE general election issues, day 5

    9 June 2024 by Josh Freeman

    Students are doubly affected by the cost-of-living crisis, as costs have gone up while the key component of their income, student maintenance support, has fallen in real terms. Most students say their financial situation has worsened over the past year and one-third say financial challenges put them at risk of…

  • Internationalisation: The HE general election issues, Day 4

    8 June 2024 by Josh Freeman

    Higher education has operated across borders right back to medieval times, when a university was a travelling community of scholars. Today, there is considerable interchange of students, staff and ideas between countries. One way in which higher education crosses borders is through the international students who come from overseas to…

  • University research: The HE general election issues, Day 3

    7 June 2024 by Nick Hillman

    The ‘fastest ever increase in domestic public R&D spending’? At the 2019 General Election, the Conservative Party reiterated the commitments already made by the Conservative Government to spend more on research and development (R&D). Their manifesto promised ‘the fastest ever increase in domestic public R&D spending, including in basic science research to…

  • How are universities funded? The HE general election issues, Day 2

    6 June 2024 by Rose Stephenson

    UK universities are funded through three main income streams: The maximum annual tuition fee for English undergraduate students was raised to £9,000 in 2012 and has only increased once since, rising to £9,250 in 2017. The fee situation for undergraduates is similar in Wales, where fees are rising to £9,250…

  • How influential are student voters? The HE general election issues, Day 1

    5 June 2024 by Nick Hillman

    There is a common view that students are a particularly influential group of voters. There are lots of them and they tend to be concentrated in certain parliamentary constituencies – plus it is known that people with higher levels of education tend to be more likely to vote than those…

  • General election 2024: Higher education fees and funding

    1 February 2024 by Nick Hillman

    The logic of fees Whether we like it or not, there is one higher education issue that tends to bestride all the others at general elections, and that is tuition fees. In many ways, that is an odd fact. Undergraduate fees have existed in some form or other in most…

  • Cardiff: General election briefing – examination of higher education fees & funding

    29 January 2024

    London Economics, with support from the Nuffield Foundation, have modelled the resource implications – for students, graduates and the Exchequer – of the current higher education funding systems in the four nations of the UK. The analysis aims to improve the wider understanding of the current fees and funding arrangements…