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Lucy Haire

  • Generative AI in universities: what are educators thinking?

    18 March 2024 by Lucy Haire

    As the panic about artificial intelligence’s (AI) capability to bring down democratic governments, usurp all information-related jobs and ultimately cause human extinction calms down, most large organisations have devised at least their initial response to the deployment of generative AI. Some, including major law firms, have banned their use as…

  • Because you’re worth it: Are vice-chancellors worth the pay they get?

    31 August 2023 by Lucy Haire

    In this HEPI Debate Paper, Lucy Haire probes the issue of how to set the rate of vice-chancellors’ pay fairly. Vice-chancellors bear huge responsibility as leaders of high-revenue organisations, and they are paid less than their colleagues at universities in both the USA and Australia. The report argues that rather…

  • New report discusses the scapegoating of vice-chancellors’ pay and probes the question of how to fairly set the rate of vice-chancellors’ remuneration

    31 August 2023 by Lucy Haire

    The Higher Education Policy Institute ( has published a new report, Because you’re worth it: are vice-chancellors worth the pay they get? (HEPI Debate Paper 33), written by Lucy Haire, Director of Partnerships at HEPI. The paper argues the following: The report makes the following seven recommendations to universities: Lucy…

  • Paper Belt On Fire – a review

    5 June 2023 by Lucy Haire

    This book review of Paper Belt On Fire by Michael Gibson was authored by Lucy Haire, HEPI’s Director of Partnerships. If you work in or with universities and colleges, it’s easy to take for granted their raison d’etre. When books and articles are published that are critical of higher education institutions,…

  • Five Ideas for Careers Services (AKA Universities and Colleges)

    22 December 2022 by Lucy Haire

    This blog was kindly contributed by Lucy Haire, Director of Partnerships at HEPI. On the eve of the publication of the HEPI Policy Note with Handshake, How can you help me? Students’ perspectives on careers services and employment, a group of university careers service and mission group leaders, an Office for Students…

  • What are taxi drivers and hotel receptionists saying about access to higher education?

    7 October 2022 by Lucy Haire

    HEPI’s Director of Partnerships, Lucy Haire, reflects on party conference season. Tariq (not his real name), the Warrington taxi driver who drove me the final 20 miles of my journey blighted by multiple train cancellations from London to the recent Labour Party Conference in Liverpool, asked what brought me northwards.…

  • How are public perceptions of universities being shaped by campus visits?

    6 June 2022 by Lucy Haire

    On Thursday, 9 June 2022, HEPI will host its Annual Conference in central London. Titled ‘Challenges for the future?’, the day will include the launch of the Advance HE / HEPI 2022 Student Academic Experience Survey. Register here. Last bank holiday, I took my 13-year-old son to visit Royal Holloway, University of…