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  • A baker’s dozen on the RAB

    27 March 2014 by Nick Hillman

    There has been fervent debate about the Resource Accounting and Budgeting charge, known as the RAB charge, in recent days. I was even invited to speak about this rather technical concept on the Radio 4 Today programme last Saturday. It is all because the Government has just increased the figure…

  • Quango Killer

    24 March 2014 by Andy Westwood, Chief Executive of GuildHE

    Hepi thanks Andy Westwood for becoming the first guest blogger on the new Hepi website. Higher education is facing the biggest shake up of agencies and quangos for over twenty years. Politicians, think tanks and commissions are queueing up to create new organisations in HE and to simplify what looks…

  • Welcome to the Debate

    18 March 2014 by Nick Hillman

    ‘Lobbying’ is a dirty word but, done well, it can mean telling people in power things they don’t already know.