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The HEPI Blog aims to make brief, incisive contributions to the higher education policy landscape. It is circulated to our subscribers and published online. We welcome guest submissions, which should follow our Instructions for Blog Authors. Submissions should be sent to our Blog Editor, Josh Freeman, at [email protected].

  • More bureaucracy please?

    29 June 2016

    This guest blog has been kindly contributed by Professor Graham Galbraith, the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Portsmouth. It is a timely reminder that higher education reform is likely to continue, despite the upheavals in the wider political landscape, and recommends some specific changes to the new Teaching Excellence Framework to reduce…

  • Challenger institutions: A response to the Alternative White Paper

    23 June 2016 by Gordon Sweeney

    This guest blog has been contributed by Gordon Sweeney, who is Head of Education at Point Blank Music School ( In mid-June, a group of academics published an Alternative White Paper outlining their vision for the future of higher education. Unfortunately, the Alternative White Paper included various misconceptions about alternative…

  • Let’s not forget about international students

    21 June 2016

    Centre Write is, as its name suggests, the magazine of a centre-right think-tank called Bright Blue, which is headed up by Ryan Shorthouse. Its new edition – out this week – is timely, given this week’s vote, as it focuses on migration. There are too many interesting articles to list…

  • New ways of learning

    27 May 2016 by Neil Morris

    This guest blog has been kindly provided by Professor Neil Morris, who is the Director of Digital Learning at the University of Leeds. An A-level student seeking to get a head start on their UCAS application. A current undergraduate wanting to study a specific topic with a leading academic at a different university.…

  • After the furore: Reviewing our own work on boys’ underachievement

    25 May 2016

    Our recent report on the underachievement of boys in higher education, Boys to Men, has received many plaudits and some brickbats. That was always likely, given the sensitivity of the topic. (Still, it was an improvement on the last time HEPI raised the problem, when – as I have written…

  • When ten into two doesn’t go?

    18 May 2016

    In many ways, the biggest shift from the recent past in the new higher education green paper is the redrawing of the research landscape (as I originally noted in a Times Higher blog). The white paper says: ‘There are currently ten arms’-length Government bodies operating in the higher education and…

  • How students could most influence the referendum

    9 May 2016

    Universities are fighting a lively campaign collectively and individually in favour of the UK remaining part of the European Union. They have come in for a little criticism as a result from some, but many Vice Chancellors – as Michael Arthur of UCL has pointed out – regard it as…