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  • HEPI publishes ideas for reducing racial inequality in higher education

    19 September 2019 by Hugo Dale-Rivas

    The Higher Education Policy Institute ( is today publishing a collection of essays by senior higher education figures entitled The white elephant in the room: ideas for reducing racial inequality in higher education. The authors are: Baroness Amos, Director of SOAS, University of London; Professor Kalwant Bhopal, Professor of Education…

  • Godot has arrived!

    10 September 2019

    In response to the Government’s announcement on the reintroduction of the two-year Post-Study Work visa, Nick Hillman (Director of HEPI), said: At last, Godot has finally arrived. All the evidence, including our own, has long suggested we need a better regime for international students past and present. We’ve been standing…

  • US extends its lead over the UK in HEPI’s annual soft-power rankings

    5 September 2019

    A new Policy Note from the Higher Education Policy Institute, The soft-power benefits of educating the world’s leaders, shows the UK continues to fall behind the US when it comes to educating people who go on to lead their own countries. Two years ago, the UK had educated one more…

  • University governance in a new age of regulation

    29 August 2019

    The Higher Education Policy Institute is today publishing University governance in a new age of regulation: A conversation between Professor Steven Jones and Nick Hillman, with a Foreword by Professor Michael Shattock (HEPI Report 119). The report looks at the changing roles of, and growing demands on, governors of higher education institutions.…

  • What will Brexit mean for student demand?

    8 August 2019

    The Higher Education Policy Institute is today publishing a new report looking at the impact of Brexit on student demand. Two sides of the same coin? Brexit and student demand (HEPI Policy Note 15) contrasts two sources of information: the best available economic modelling, which forecasts a sharp drop in…

  • Most students think universities should take the background of applicants into account – but only half support lower grade offers

    25 July 2019 by Hugo Dale-Harris

    Contextual admissions have been hotly debated for years, but the Office for Students recently complained, ‘There has been minimal research on students’ views of contextual offers.’ So the Higher Education Policy Institute is publishing an opinion poll of students in What do students think of contextual admissions? (HEPI Policy Note…

  • HEPI asks: is it time for university governors to be paid?

    11 July 2019

    The Higher Education Policy Institute has published a new report on whether university governors should be paid.   Payment for university governors? A discussion paper  (HEPI Report 118) by Alison Wheaton looks at practice in other sectors, including the NHS, housing associations and companies, as well as practice abroad. She argues…