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  • Review of The Robbins Report at 60 (HEPI Policy Note 49) by Mike Shattock

    18 November 2023 by Michael Shattock

    The Robbins Report was not produced (paras 1-2) out of a political vacuum. The Government had been alerted to the future funding dilemmas posed by the likely increase in the demand for student places in higher education by the Treasury through the University Grants Committee (UGC) and appointed Lord Robbins…

  • The Robbins Report – a political bombshell By Professor Nick Barr

    16 October 2023 by Professor Nicholas Barr

    Perhaps it was because Lionel Robbins was a pillar of the establishment (LSE professor, Life Peer, Chairman of the Financial Times, Director of the Royal Opera House), that the 1963 Robbins Report on higher education landed like a bombshell. Its fundamental position (subsequently known as the ‘Robbins Principle’) was set…

  • The Robbins Report at 60: Essential facts for policymakers today

    12 October 2023 by Nick Hillman

    The Robbins Report at 60: Essential facts for policymakers today (HEPI Policy Note 49) by HEPI Director Nick Hillman is also available in an html version below. The Robbins Report at 60: Essential facts for policymakers today The 1963 Robbins Report was undoubtedly one of the most important official social…

  • Robbins, Specialist Institutions and Industrial Policy

    24 October 2023 by Andy Westwood

    The Robbins Report had a great deal to say about higher education in the UK and some parts are better known than others. Top of the list was that university places ‘should be available to all who were qualified for them by ability and attainment’ which has become known as the…

  • The Robbins Review – Lessons for the Future by Professor Huw Morris

    23 October 2023 by Huw Morris

    The Robbins Review report was published 60 years ago this October. The review made a series of recommendations which have provided a reference point for comment on UK Government higher education policy ever since. This article looks back at the report and considers what the lessons might be for politicians,…

  • Long Live the Robbins Principle! By Professor Peter Mandler

    18 October 2023 by Professor Peter Mandler

    Lots of things are claimed for the Robbins Report that don’t hold up to scrutiny.  It was responsible for the ‘plateglass’ universities of the 1960s. Nope – all of the famous ‘English 7’ plateglass universities were lined up before the Report was issued, and one (Sussex) was already open for business.…