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a-level results

  • Grade Expectations – Will 1.5 million GCSE and A-Level grades be wrong this summer? Rob Cuthbert takes a look at the new book ‘Missing the Mark’

    16 August 2022 by Rob Cuthbert

    Rob Cuthbert is Emeritus Professor of Higher Education Management at the University of the West of England and Managing Partner of the Practical Academics consultancy. He is the author of the 2020 HEPI blog, ‘A-Levels 2020: What students and parents need to know’. You can find Rob on Twitter @RobCuthbert. We expect…

  • What to Expect on A-Level Results Day

    9 August 2022 by Gabriel Roberts

    Gabriel Roberts is a secondary school teacher in London. He is the author of HEPI Report 141, The Humanities in Modern Britain: Challenges and Opportunities. A-Level results will be published next week, on 18 August, and there may a few surprises in store. The first thing to note is that grades…

  • Five things on my mind for Confirmation and Clearing 2022

    15 June 2022 by Clare Marchant

    This blog was written by Clare Marchant, Chief Executive of UCAS. This academic year is the first in three that will see students sitting examinations. In some ways it’s the first normal undergraduate admissions cycle in recent memory, and much has changed. As we enter this year’s Confirmation and Clearing…