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  • If A-level grades are unreliable, what should admissions officers do?

    8 June 2023 by Rob Cuthbert

    Let us assume that higher education institutions want to have the best students they can get, admitted in the fairest way possible: not a very controversial assumption, even if sometimes people look to satisfice, by settling for something good enough, but perhaps not best. The assessment of ability and potential…

  • Five things on my mind for Confirmation and Clearing 2022

    15 June 2022 by Clare Marchant

    This blog was written by Clare Marchant, Chief Executive of UCAS. This academic year is the first in three that will see students sitting examinations. In some ways it’s the first normal undergraduate admissions cycle in recent memory, and much has changed. As we enter this year’s Confirmation and Clearing…

  • How could admissions reform work in practice?

    8 April 2021 by Graeme Atherton

    This week, we are running a selection of chapters from HEPI’s recent collection of essays Where next for university admissions?‘ edited and introduced by Rachel Hewitt, HEPI’s Director of Policy and Advocacy. Yesterday we shared the chapter by Dr John Cater, Vice-Chancellor at Edge Hill University ‘Post qualification admissions: Should…

  • Post-qualification admissions and further education: the time is now

    23 March 2021 by Dr Ann Limb CBE DL

    This blog was kindly contributed by Dr Ann Limb CBE DL. Ann is a former FE College Principal and Founder of the Helena Kennedy Foundation. You can find Ann on Twitter @AnnLimb and the Helena Kennedy Foundation @TheHKF.   The Government’s consultation on moving to a system of post-qualification admissions…

  • The Fair Access Coalition: 10 requirements for a fair admissions process

    22 March 2021 by Nathan Sansom, Laura Gray, Anne-Marie Caning, Sam Holmes, Eleanor Harrison, Rachel Carr, Johnny Rich, John Craven & Rae Tooth.

    This blog was kindly contributed by The Fair Access Coalition. The Fair Access Coalition is a group of the heads of leading third sector organisations engaged in activities to support access and progression, including the Access Project (Nathan Sansom), Brightside (Laura Gray), The Brilliant Club (Anne-Marie Canning), Causeway Education (Sam…