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  • Knowledge Labs

    11 July 2023 by Professor Berry Billingsley

    Universities are a global business. Traditionally this is where established knowledge is stored and where new knowledge claims are evaluated. It’s also where the future of knowledge is handed from old scholars like me to the next generation of knowledge creators and workers who are here to learn their crafts.…

  • Keep calm, and carry on … using Chat GPT

    16 June 2023 by Ninian Wilson

    It’s been a busy time for QAA responding to the rise of generative AI. After three webinars attended by over 2,000 people, discussions with providers across the UK, a brief trip to Tbilisi to share best practice with European quality agency colleagues, one piece of guidance out and another to…

  • What is the future for student assessment in the light of AI and ChatGPT?

    4 April 2023 by Melissa Bowden

    This blog was kindly written by Melissa Bowden from Kortext, in conversation with Sir Tim O’Shea. ChatGPT is a hot topic in higher education, with concerns about how it will impact on academic integrity and student assessment. We spoke to eminent computer scientist and former Vice-Chancellor and Principal of the…