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open access

  • Why open access is not enough: Spreading the benefits of research

    15 December 2022 by Victoria Gardner and Dr Laura Brassington

    Open access (OA), under which research is freely available without paywalls, is one of the main discussion points of the twenty-first century research environment. The benefits of OA are clear, from making research outcomes more impactful in terms of increased citations to enabling their wider availability within and outside academia.…

  • Does open access to research provide the potential for improvements in UK governmental policy development?

    10 August 2022 by Paul M. Marshall

    This blog was kindly contributed by Dr Paul M. Marshall, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Careers & Enterprise), University of East London. The argument that improved access to cutting-edge research could provide improved policymaking seems self-evident, but I would suggest the reality is slightly more complex. John Willinsky, in his 2006 book, The Access Principle: The Case…

  • Answering the Challenges to Open Access: The ‘5 Cs’

    3 August 2022 by Sarah Chaytor

    This blog was kindly contributed by Sarah Chaytor, Director of Research Strategy & Policy at UCL. Sarah’s blog is based on her opening remarks at the recent HEPI / Taylor & Francis roundtable dinner on open access and policymaking held at the British Academy. At the recent HEPI / Taylor and Francis roundtable…

  • The Open Access Opportunity: Building the Third Space

    6 July 2022 by Matt Flinders

    See our ‘Open Access 101’ by Dr Fiona Counsell, Head of Open Access Operations & Policy at Taylor & Francis, here. In her recent blog, Victoria Gardner explored whether open access was ‘the end or the means’? In this blog Matt Flinders argues that open access represents little more that the latest stage of a complex and…

  • Open Access: the end or the means?

    20 June 2022 by Victoria Gardner

    The second in this blog series on open access was kindly contributed by Victoria Gardner, Director of Policy, Taylor & Francis. Open Access (OA) to research outputs is growing and looks set to become the default. As OA becomes the norm, business, government, and society face fewer barriers to accessing research, but are they…

  • Open Access 101

    9 June 2022 by Fiona Counsell

    In this blog post, Dr Fiona Counsell provides an overview of the many faces and facets of Open Access. Dr Fiona Counsell is Head of Open Access Operations & Policy at Taylor & Francis and has been working in a multi-faceted open access role since 2016, before which she managed…