In HEPI’s work, our research reports have the most impact in terms of highlighting the key issues facing the sector, and alerting our target audiences to the impact of certain policies on the sector. HEPI aims to produce six to eight pieces of high quality research and analysis each year – all reports are available free of charge here on our website.

23 Oct, 2014

Jisc: a hidden advantage for higher education

23 October, 2014|By Martyn Harrow|Publications

18 Sep, 2014

A guide to the removal of student number controls

18 September, 2014|By Nick Hillman|Publications

7 Aug, 2014

Unleashing student demand by ending number controls in Australia: An incomplete experiment?

7 August, 2014|Publications

24 Jul, 2014

‘Only Connect': Is there still a higher education sector?

24 July, 2014|Publications

21 May, 2014

The HEPI / HEA 2014 Student Academic Experience Survey

21 May, 2014|By Ioannis Soilemetzidis, Paul Bennett, Alex Buckley, Nick Hillman and Geoff Stoakes|Publications|8 Comments

30 Apr, 2014

HEPI Policy Briefing, April 2014

30 April, 2014|By Nick Hillman|Publications

24 Apr, 2014

A comparison of student loans in England and Australia

24 April, 2014|By Nick Hillman|Publications|3 Comments

20 Feb, 2014

Unfinished Business?: Higher education legislation

20 February, 2014|By Nick Hillman|Publications

17 Dec, 2013

The cost of the Government’s reforms of the financing of higher education – an update

17 December, 2013|By John Thompson and Bahram Bekhradnia|Publications

7 Nov, 2013

The future regulation of higher education in England

7 November, 2013|By Professor Roger Brown and Bahram Bekhradnia|Publications