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15 Mar, 2018

Demand for Higher Education to 2030

15 March, 2018|By Diana Beech|Publications

22 Feb, 2018

Differential tuition fees: Horses for courses?

22 February, 2018|By Nick Hillman|Publications

1 Feb, 2018

2017 HEPI Annual Lecture

1 February, 2018|By Professor Tan Chorh Chuan|Lectures, Publications

11 Jan, 2018

The costs and benefits of international students (including by parliamentary constituency)

11 January, 2018|By Gavan Conlon, Maike Halterbeck and Jenna Julius|Publications|2 Comments

8 Jan, 2018

What affects how much students learn? New analysis of Student Academic Experience Survey data

8 January, 2018|By Tim Blackman|Publications

4 Jan, 2018

A Guide to UK League Tables in Higher Education

4 January, 2018|By Sally Turnbull|Publications

18 Dec, 2017

A Brexit Youthquake

18 December, 2017|By Jane Mackey, YouthSight Research Manager, and Nick Hillman, HEPI Director|Publications

1 Dec, 2017

Why the OBR’s forecasts on students must improve

1 December, 2017|By Nick Hillman|Publications

9 Nov, 2017

How much is too much? Cross-subsidies from teaching to research in British universities

9 November, 2017|By Vicky Olive|Publications

19 Oct, 2017

Going for Gold: Lessons from the TEF provider submissions

19 October, 2017|By Diana Beech|Publications