HEPI aims to produce around a dozen pieces of high quality research and analysis each year – all reports are available free of charge here on our website and are generally also available in hard copy from the HEPI office.

7 Jun, 2018

2018 Student Academic Experience Survey

7 June, 2018|By Jonathan Neves (Advance HE) and Nick Hillman (HEPI)|Publications|3 Comments

24 May, 2018

How different is Oxbridge?

24 May, 2018|By Charlotte Freitag and Nick Hillman|Publications

10 May, 2018

Reaching the parts of society universities have missed: A manifesto for the new Director of Fair Access and Participation

10 May, 2018|By Paul Clarke and Dr Diana Beech (Editors)|Publications

30 Apr, 2018

Post-18 Review: 10 Points-of-Note on fixing the broken parts of our education and training system based on recent HEPI output

30 April, 2018|By Nick Hillman|Publications

5 Apr, 2018

Benchmarking widening participation: how should we measure and report progress?

5 April, 2018|By Professor Iain Martin|Publications|2 Comments

15 Mar, 2018

Demand for Higher Education to 2030

15 March, 2018|By Bahram Bekhradnia and Diana Beech|Publications

22 Feb, 2018

Differential tuition fees: Horses for courses?

22 February, 2018|By Nick Hillman|Publications

1 Feb, 2018

2017 HEPI Annual Lecture

1 February, 2018|By Professor Tan Chorh Chuan|Lectures, Publications

11 Jan, 2018

The costs and benefits of international students (including by parliamentary constituency)

11 January, 2018|By Gavan Conlon, Maike Halterbeck and Jenna Julius|Publications|2 Comments

8 Jan, 2018

What affects how much students learn? New analysis of Student Academic Experience Survey data

8 January, 2018|By Tim Blackman|Publications