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In recent years, HEPI has produced around 20 reports a year. They are all available free of charge here on our website and are generally also available in hard copy from the HEPI office. (The version on the website should be regarded as the version of record.)

  • Student Relationships, Sex and Sexual Health Survey

    22 July 2021 by Michael Natzler

    Drawing on wide-ranging and robust polling data Student Relationships, Sex and Sexual Health Survey explores the personal lives of students with an eye to improving support for students in higher education. Topics covered range from experiences of Relationship and Sex Education at school to confidence in navigating consent when alcohol…

  • No easy answers: English student finance and the spending review

    10 June 2021 by Nick Hillman

    Cuts to education may be regarded as counter-productive at times of upheaval, but it has been reported Ministers want to make savings on higher education in England at the next spending review. HEPI has therefore published some new modelling commissioned from London Economics on various possible changes to student loans.…

  • Regional policy and R&D: evidence, experiments and expectations

    13 May 2021 by Sarah Chaytor, Grace Gottlieb and Graeme Reid

    Too many earlier attempts to use R&D investment for ‘levelling up’ have started with big ambitions but not survived long enough to deliver economic benefit. The purpose of regional R&D investment needs greater clarity. This report unpicks assumptions about the spread of research funding across the UK and finds them…

  • Sex and Relationships Among Students: Summary Report

    29 April 2021 by Nick Hillman

    The key findings of a poll of students’ personal lives published in Sex and Relationships Among Students: Summary Report (HEPI Policy Note 30) by Nick Hillman, HEPI’s Director, include: most students (58%) regard making friends as more important than finding sexual partners and just one-in-ten students (10%) expected to have sex during…

  • Students’ views on the impact of Coronavirus on their higher education experience in 2021

    1 April 2021 by Rachel Hewitt

    Key findings Two-thirds of undergraduate students (66%) say they have not received any financial reimbursement from their university or accommodation provider as a result of the pandemic. Around a fifth (19%) have received reimbursement from their accommodation provider, 13% from their university and 2% from both. Two-thirds of students (66%)…

  • Where next for university admissions?

    18 March 2021 by Rachel Hewitt

    In early 2021 the Government announced a review of the current admissions system. This edited collection explores the opportunities and challenges surrounding any move to post-qualification admissions. Among the topics considered are: Should the UK admissions system move to a model of post-qualification admissions and if so which: post-qualification applications,…

  • Designing an English Social Mobility Index by Professor David Phoenix

    4 March 2021 by Professor David Phoenix

    In this paper, Professor David Phoenix, the Vice-Chancellor of London South Bank University, proposes a new English Social Mobility Index. Incorporating the number of students from disadvantaged backgrounds and the distance they travel after they enter their higher education institution, the English SMI provides a new way of understanding the…