HEPI aims to produce around a dozen pieces of high quality research and analysis each year – all reports are available free of charge here on our website and are generally also available in hard copy from the HEPI office.

22 Sep, 2016

The invisible problem? Improving students’ mental health

22 September, 2016|By Poppy Brown, with a Foreword by the Rt Hon. Norman Lamb MP|Publications

8 Sep, 2016

Tackling Wicked Issues: Prestige and Employment Outcomes in the Teaching Excellence Framework

8 September, 2016|By Paul Blackmore, Richard Blackwell and Martin Edmondson|Publications|1 Comment

28 Jul, 2016

Higher Education in New Zealand: What might the UK learn?

28 July, 2016|By Sam Cannicott|Publications

9 Jun, 2016

HEPI-HEA 2016 Student Academic Experience Survey

9 June, 2016|By Jonathan Neves and Nick Hillman|Publications

22 May, 2016

Keeping Schtum?: What students think of free speech (Wave 2 of the HEPI / YouthSight Monitor)

22 May, 2016|By Nick Hillman|Publications

12 May, 2016

Boys to Men: The underachievement of young men in higher education – and how to start tackling it

12 May, 2016|By Nick Hillman and Nicholas Robinson, with a Foreword by Mary Curnock Cook|Publications

21 Apr, 2016

Making a Success of Employer Sponsored Education

21 April, 2016|By Dave Phoenix|Publications

25 Feb, 2016

Designing a Teaching Excellence Framework: Lessons from other sectors

25 February, 2016|By Louisa Darian|Publications|1 Comment

28 Jan, 2016

Value-Added: How do you measure whether universities are delivering for their students? HEPI 2015 Annual Lecture

28 January, 2016|Publications|5 Comments

7 Jan, 2016

Response to the higher education green paper

7 January, 2016|By Graham Gibbs, Bahram Bekhradnia, Roger King, Gary Attle, Roxanne Stockwell and Emma Sims (edited by Nick Hillman)|Publications|1 Comment