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HEPI/Mills & Reeve House of Commons Seminar on Fairness, Funding and Access

  • 27 April 2010

With the tuition fee limit now under review, the seminar will consider how universities will demonstrate fairness towards their students and prospective students in the coming years. In addition, what will be the impact of the Equalities Bill, due to receive Royal Assent in the Spring? In respect of higher education, will it meet the Government’s Equalities Office vision of ‘creating a fairer future’? What will the legal and policy changes mean for access and admissions? And how does the duty to act fairly apply once students are registered?

Speakers: Sir Martin Harris, Director of Fair Access, Professor Janet Beer, Vice-Chancellor, Oxford Brookes University, and Mills and Reeve Partners Gary Attle and Richard Sykes who specialise in education and equality law.

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