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HEPI-HEA House of Commons Breakfast Seminar – 21st century learning – MOOCs and the challenge to innovate

  • 23 April 2014

There is much speculation about the impact of MOOCS and their potential to transform global higher education.  Some fear that they will largely replace traditional courses and programmes and that students will stop going to physical universities.  Although mass market online learning is unlikely to replace the brand value of traditional universities or the employment opportunities they potentially offer, they could represent a threat to the markets in which some institutions operate.   In addition, it seems highly probable that MOOCS will have an impact on more conventional higher education, but in ways that are as yet uncertain.  What are the key issues facing universities as they meet the challenge to deliver 21st century learning?  How can institutions develop an effective   business model that combines the huge economies of scale with free access to courses?  And what about accreditation – is it possible to develop rigorous methods of assessment for MOOCs as well as accreditation towards qualifications?

Speakers: Simon Nelson, Chief Executive, FutureLearn  and Professor Sir Peter Scott, Professor of Higher Education Studies, Institute of Education

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