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The HEPI / HEA 2014 Student Academic Experience Survey

  • 21 May 2014
  • By Ioannis Soilemetzidis, Paul Bennett, Alex Buckley, Nick Hillman and Geoff Stoakes
  • HEPI number 67

The Higher Education Policy Institute / Higher Education Academy 2014 Student Academic Experience Survey is the most revealing survey yet on the overall wellbeing of students, as well as on the experience of students at English institutions paying £9,000 fees. The survey was published at the HEPI / HEA Spring Conference on 21st May 2014.

This page includes the Summary report, a full report, two Excel spreadsheets with the data and the full SPSS file. The presentations from the Spring Conference are available elsewhere on this website.


  1. One aspect that stands out in this survey is its focus on student well-being. It acknowledges the vital role that mental health and overall well-being play in academic success and personal development. By addressing the challenges students face in maintaining a healthy work-life balance, managing stress, and accessing appropriate support services, the survey highlights the importance of a student-centered approach in higher education institutions.

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