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Survey of Conservative election candidates on student migration

  • 30 June 2014

As reported in today’s Daily Telegraph, the Higher Education Policy Institute has conducted a small survey among Conservative candidates in place to fight the 2015 general election (excluding sitting MPs).

The survey shows:

  • 78% of Conservative candidates think international students should be excluded from any target for reducing migration
  • 69% of Conservative candidates think the UK should aim to recruit all legitimate international students, not just the brightest and best
  • 88% of Conservative candidates think international students should not automatically be allowed to stay in the UK to work after their studies for a time-limited period

Methodology: The survey was conducted online among Conservative candidates fighting the 2015 general election (excluding sitting MPs). The candidates’ names were obtained from the Conservative Party website (plus one from Facebook) and 26 per cent responded. Responses were submitted between 9 June 2014 and 22 June 2014. The survey comprised three questions only.

Q1. Should international students coming to study at UK universities be included in any target to reduce migration?

Yes – 11%; No – 78%; Don’t know: 11%

Q2. Should the UK seek to recruit only the brightest and best international students or all legitimate international students who wish to study here?

Only the brightest and best – 25%; All legitimate students – 69%; Don’t know – 6%

Q3. Should international students in the UK be automatically allowed to stay here after their studies to work for a time-limited period?

Yes – 6%; No – 88%; Don’t know – 6%

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