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Let’s not forget about international students

  • 21 June 2016

Centre Write is, as its name suggests, the magazine of a centre-right think-tank called Bright Blue, which is headed up by Ryan Shorthouse.

Its new edition – out this week – is timely, given this week’s vote, as it focuses on migration. There are too many interesting articles to list but among the contributors of note to those who care about education include: Professor Nick Pearce from the University of Bath (and a former Labour special adviser); Zenia Chopra from Access Tier 5; and James Johnson of the New Schools Network.

I have a piece too on international students, which begins by noting the lack of support for the Home Office’s migration policies in much of the ruling Conservative Party:

It is a given on the centre right that the Government is in the wrong place on migration policy, particularly with regard to international students. Setting a tough numerical target for net inward migration that includes international students is unwise…

It goes on to suggest a three-stage plan for the future:

  1. a Migration Advisory Committee review on the costs and benefits of international students
  2. deepening the understanding of policymakers of the non-economic benefits of international students
  3. sharing responsibility for migration policy around Whitehall rather than concentrating it in a single Department

And it ends by noting that one way to reduce the net inward migration figures is to encourage more British students to spend time studying abroad.

The full magazine is available for free here.

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