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HEPI-HEA Parliamentary Breakfast Seminar: An unnatural division? Research and Teaching – how can the twin pillars of HE thrive?

  • 24 January 2017

Universities deliver good teaching and high-quality research. The relationship between the two is symbiotic. Yet the Higher Education and Research Bill arguably drives a new wedge between them by abolishing HEFCE and leaving the new Office for Students with no clear research responsibilities. A recent HEPI report (HEPI Occasional Paper 14, Tackling Wicked Issues: Prestige and Employment Outcomes in the Teaching Excellence Framework) argued that research will always trump teaching when the two are treated separately. It called for an entirely new approach in which they feed off one another. What is the right relationship between teaching and research? Does research benefit when it is delivered by those who also teach? Should teaching and learning be done in research-like ways? And what do the Government’s current reforms mean for the traditional concept of a Humboldtian university that combines teaching and research?


Professor Chris Husbands, Vice-Chancellor, Sheffield Hallam University and Inaugural Chair, Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) panel

Professor Paul Blackmore, Professor of Higher Education in the International Centre for University Policy Research, at the Policy Institute, King’s College London and co-author of HEPI Occasional Paper 14

Note: This seminar was invite-only, but the two presentations were delivered on the record and a sound file is available on request. For further information please contact Emma Ma ([email protected]

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