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A new higher education league table

  • 13 September 2017
  • By Nick Hillman

Recently, someone asked me which HEPI reports had been most widely read. There is no perfect way to measure this because we send out the same number of hard copies of each report and it is up to the recipients to decide whether to read them or not. It is also doubtful whether the number of readers is a useful guide to the actual impact of different reports.

But, here goes: based on our website data, these are our most widely-read reports. We make no allowance for the fact that some reports have been on our website much longer than others – boosting the chances of older reports coming near the top – and we make no claim that the list reflects the relative importance of the different topics:

  1. 2015 HEPI-HEA Student Academic Experience Survey (June 2015)
  2. Keeping up with the Germans: What can Germany teach the UK on fees, migration and research? (September 2015)
  3. Boys to Men: The underachievement of young men in higher education – and how to start tackling it (May 2016)
  4. Reality Check: A HEPI-Unite Students report on university applicants’ attitudes and perceptions (July 2017)
  5. HEPI-HEA 2016 Student Academic Experience Survey (June 2016)
  6. The invisible problem? Improving students’ mental health (September 2016)
  7. HEPI-Kaplan-London Economics report on The determinants of international demand for UK higher education (January 2017)
  8. It’s the finance, stupid! The decline of part-time higher education and what to do about it (October 2015)
  9. The HEPI / HEA 2014 Student Academic Experience Survey (May 2014)
  10. The Comprehensive University: An Alternative to Social Stratification by Academic Selection (July 2017)
  11. Response to the higher education green paper (June 2016)
  12. Rebooting learning for the digital age: What next for technology-enhanced higher education? (February 2016)

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