Student mental health is rightly on the agenda, including from HEPI’s own publications such as The invisible problem? Improving students’ mental health by Poppy Brown and The Positive and Mindful University  by Anthony Seldon and Alan Martin.

However, it is vital that the mental health and wellbeing of staff working in higher education is not forgotten and is given equal attention. Whenever HEPI surveys students on their mental health and wellbeing, we are often asked whether we hold similar data on staff. Now there is an initiative to collect exactly that kind of data.

University staff are being asked to talk about their mental health and wellbeing in a new survey to gauge staff wellbeing in higher education. The survey is in response to a national conference held at London Metropolitan University on 4 July, attended by over 100 staff, to share research on the HE staff wellbeing experience. Brunel University London lecturer Vida Douglas hopes the findings from the survey will help to improve how universities support the wellbeing of HE staff.

“As a sector, we need to work together to support the wellbeing of all staff working in higher education,” said Vida. “Your contributions to this survey can shift the spotlight onto staff wellbeing in higher education.”

You can complete the survey here. Or if you are interested in joining a working group to discuss staff wellbeing in higher education to contact Vida on: