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Homeward Bound: Defining, understanding and aiding ‘commuter students’

  • 13 December 2018
  • By David Maguire and David Morris
  • HEPI number 114

The vast majority of students in the UK experience higher education on a residential basis: they move away from home to study. But, for a significant minority of students, higher education is experienced differently. Around one-quarter of students live at home and commute to study, and in some parts of the country and at some institutions the proportion is much higher.

There is evidence to suggest that commuter students have poorer outcomes and are less engaged and satisfied with their academic experience.

In this report, produced with financial support from UPP, David Maguire and David Morris:

  • consider the various definitions of ‘commuter students’;
  • explore some of the challenges they face; and
  • outline practical solutions that might be employed to improve the experience of commuter students.

A number of case studies are included, which show different ways to help those who move away to study.

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