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Student Academic Experience Survey 2019

  • 13 June 2019
  • By Jonathan Neves and Nick Hillman
  • HEPI number 117

The Student Academic Experience Survey has been recording the views of students since 2006. Between 4 February and 11 March 2019, 14,072 responses were collected from YouthSight’s Student Panel. Weighting has been applied to the responses to ensure the sample is balanced and reflective of the full-time student population as a whole, and to provide consistency in approach with previous years.


  1. Matt says:

    Will you be publishing the background data to this report, as in previous years?

  2. Nick Hillman says:

    Yes. It is a big file so challenging to post on here but we will email you.

  3. Matt says:

    Thank you!

  4. Anthony Payne says:

    Is the survey instrument/questions available please?

    1. HEPI says:

      This is available by request on email – just ask [email protected]

  5. Naomi Salmon says:

    I would like to gather data on how many single parent students in London were experiencing the ‘childcare grant’ difficulty from 2014-2019 how can I collect this from research data in these findings

    Thank you

  6. Alfred Thumser says:

    Could I please be added to the list for “background data to this report”?

    Thank you

  7. Nicola cartwright says:

    Could I please be added to the list for “background data to this report” also

  8. Silvia says:


    would it be possible to obtain the longitudinal dataset (or single data files for the different waves)?

    Thank you,


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