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HEPI / UPP roundtable at the Labour Party Conference in Brighton

  • 23 September 2019
  • 10am to 11.30am
  • Brighton

Past, Present, Future: The prevalence of the residential model in the UK Higher Education sector and implications for future policy

For many students, there are big advantages as they move away from home to enrol on what they perceive to be the best course for them, and, arguably, residential higher education provides a more transformative experience. 
But the ‘Boarding school model’ also has a big impact on higher education policy, as generous living cost support is a necessity. When so many people go away to study, it also embeds the hierarchy of individual institutions within the higher education sector.
As a new Ministerial team finds its feet in education, this roundtable will discuss how the residential model is critical to understanding the sector and developing policy that benefits all students.
UPP and HEPI will launch a consultative report, at this high-level roundtable discussing why the residential model of higher education is so prevalent in the UK, and whether new or different policies are needed to address the consequential challenges.

Invite-only. For further information please contact Sarah Isles at [email protected]

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