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The blogs you missed: a quick recap of HEPI’s Covid-19 output so far

  • 9 April 2020

It has been a busy time on the HEPI blog in the past few weeks, and Covid-19 has of course been top of the agenda. With the long weekend in sight, we thought we would share with you a quick, easy and accessible list of our most recent output on Covid-19.

Happy reading!

16 March 2020: What might Covid-19 mean for PhD students & postdocs? by Bethan Cornell

17 March 2020: Study from home? What if you don’t have a home? by Eluned Parrott

18 March 2020: International recruitment staff know about the challenges of student recruitment during difficult times, by Vincenzo Raimo and Janet Ilieva

21 March 2020: Trusting teachers is the best way to deliver this year’s exam results – and those in future years? by Dennis Sherwood

23 March 2020: Universities will be changed forever by the Coronavirus crisis – and its aftermath, by Anthony Seldon

25 March 2020: School performance tables are cancelled – should university league tables be cancelled too? by Rachel Hewitt

28 March 2020: Re-assessing this week’s row on unconditional offers – and why it may all be a red herring, by Nick Hillman

30 March 2020: Eight interventions for mitigating the impact of Covid-19 on higher education, by Chris Husbands and Natalie Day

31 March 2020: David Willetts: We must stop young people losing out from the Covid-19 crisis by David Willets

1 April 2020: Students with non-UK university offers are being kept in the dark about what the new A-Level system means for their futures, by David Hawkins

2 April 2020: How to square widening participation with student number caps, by Maria Neophytou and Ben Gadsby

3 April 2020: If a student numbers cap is to return, then the sector needs to demonstrate that it was the last resort, Anonymous

4 April 2020: A*++ for Ofqual and the SQA: this year’s school exam grades could well be the fairest ever, by Dennis Sherwood

6 April 2020: We must not forget the impact of Covid-19 on postgraduate study in 2020/21, by Michelle Morgan

7 April 2020: NEW POLL of students and applicants on Covid-19 by Rachel Hewitt

8 April 2020: Crisis and change for higher education: some reflections from history and the First World War  by John Taylor

9 April 2020: Looking after international students during the Covid-19 crisis – and after by Anne Marie Graham

From everyone at HEPI we wish you and yours good health and a relaxing and restorative long Easter weekend.

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