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What is the student voice? 13 essays on how to listen to students and how to act on what they say

  • 5 August 2021
  • By Michael Natzler
  • HEPI number 140

What is the student voice? 13 essays on how to listen to students and how to act on what they say edited by Michael Natzler, HEPI’s Policy Officer, is a new collection of essays which provides a range of views on what and where the student voice resides and how to listen and respond to it.

The collection covers a wide range of topics from the role of sabbatical officers as governors to the National Union of Students, mature students and includes contributions from survey experts, sabbatical officers and a vice-chancellor as well as interviews with the Office for Students’ Student Panel.

Including a chapter by Nick Hillman, HEPI Director, the chapters are:

  1. Students as governors: walking the tightrope and shouting into the void
    Eve Alcock, Former Student Union President at the University of Bath
  2. What do students think and how do universities find out?
    Professor Graham Galbraith, Vice-Chancellor, University of Portsmouth
  3. Disabled students: the experts we forget we need
    Rensa Gaunt, Former Disabled Students’ Officer 2020/21, University of Cambridge
  4. Using surveys to represent the student voice and demonstrate the quality of the experience
    Jonathan Neves, Head of Business Intelligence and Surveys, Advance HE
  5. The virtuous loop: capturing the student voice through course and module evaluation
    Dr Helena Lim, PFHEA, Head of Opportunities, EvaSys
  6. The student voice at the heart of the system (but only when they’re thinking what we’re thinking)
    Professor Andy Westwood, Professor of Government Practice, University of Manchester
  7. The Office for Students’ Student Panel in their own words
    Michael Natzler, Policy Officer, HEPI
  8. The importance of the NUS for representing the voices of students
    Aaron Porter, Council Member of Goldsmiths University, Chair of BPP University and a former President of the National Union of Students in 2010/11
  9. Restoring the real student voice
    Dennis Hayes, Emeritus Professor of Education, University of Derby
  10. Students’ voices in curriculum design
    Professor Dilly Fung, Pro-Director Education, London School of Education and Political Science
  11. The student voice and accommodation
    Jenny Shaw, Student Experience Director, Unite Students and Paul Humphreys, Founder and CEO, StudentCrowd
  12. Mature students: a silent or a silenced voice?
    Cath Brown, former President of the Open University Students Association
  13. International students in the UK – perspectives put in context
    Roy Kiruri, Former International Students’ Officer 2020/21, University of Bristol

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