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Who owns online lecture recordings

  • 30 November 2021
  • By Dr Alexis Brown
  • HEPI number Policy Note 32

As universities gear up for a new round of strikes, taking place from 1 December to 3 December 2021, they may wish to reuse online teaching materials recorded during the pandemic to limit the impact on students. 

But a new report from the Higher Education Policy Institute reveals confusion over who owns such recorded material or has the right to disseminate it. It may be the lecturers who prepared and delivered the lectures or the universities that employ them. 

Based on interviews with legal experts and those involved with intellectual property (IP) disputes, Who owns online lecture recordings? (HEPI Policy Note 32), by Dr Alexis Brown, explores: 

1) who legally owns the copyright to recorded lectures; 

2) who has the licence to use and disseminate these recordings; and 

3) how university IP policies affect these questions. 

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