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The Humanities in the UK Today: What’s Going On?

  • 30 March 2023
  • HEPI number 159

UK universities have, historically, been strong in the Humanities as well as other disciplinary areas. So the country is well-placed to benefit from the global shift towards interdisciplinary ways of working.

This report looks at the current health of Humanities throughout the UK, in both teaching and research, and uncovers numerous examples of world-class practice.

It also raises concerns about recent funding shortfalls and calls for policies that would bolster the position of Humanities across the whole higher education sector, so that the UK can contribute even more to tackling the many problems facing the world.

In relation to the Cambridge ‘AI Narratives’ project mentioned on page 16 of the report, we note there were multiple Leads project, which has ceased activities in 2019 and was succeeded by the ‘Global AI Narratives’ project: Stephen Cave; Claire Craig; and, up to 2019, Sarah Dillon. See

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