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  • HEPI / UPP Foundation webinar on the climate emergency and student mental health, 6 July 2023

    23 May 2023

    On Thursday 6 July 2023 between 10am and 11am, HEPI and the UPP Foundation will host a webinar discussing the impact of the climate emergency on student mental health, based on a forthcoming report from Student Minds. Further information to be released. To register your place, please click here:

  • HEPI webinar on 2023 Unite Students Applicant Index, 11 July 2023

    23 May 2023

    On Tuesday 11 July from 10am to 11am HEPI and Unite Students will host a webinar to discuss the results and issues raised in the 2023 Unite Students Applicant Index. Further information to be released. To register your place, please click here:

  • Small, specialist and practice-based universities are vital to competition and innovation in higher education

    27 April 2023 by Edward Venning

    The Higher Education Policy Institute has published the first holistic picture of small and special-focus universities in Size is Everything: What small, specialist and practice-based providers tell us about the higher education sector (HEPI Report 160). This makes the case for major policy, structural and regulatory changes to increase competition, innovation and…

  • Universities as Drivers of FDI into UK R&D – Interactive Panel Discussion

    24 April 2023

    At this even organised by Midlands Innovation, NCUB, UUK and Henham Strategy, the recent HEPI report The role of universities in driving overseas investment into UK R&D will be discussed. This event will feature George Freeman MP (Minister for Science, Research and Innovation), Lord Johnson (Minister for Investment), Dr Alexis Brown…

  • Are the humanities in crisis?

    14 April 2023

    The Government wants to cement the UK’s place as a ‘science and technology superpower’, while encouraging more people to take degrees in STEM subjects. Given this focus, with insufficient mention of the role that arts and culture can play in the society of tomorrow, are the humanities in crisis? And…

  • Public attitudes to higher education – what does the evidence tell us?

    30 March 2023 by Richard Brabner and Nick Hillman

    Today’s HEPI blog is in the form of the Foreword to the recent HEPI / UPP Foundation report on Public Attitudes to Higher Education (February 2023). The Foreword was jointly written by Richard Brabner, the Director of the UPP Foundation, and Nick Hillman, the Director of the Higher Education Policy Institute. This…