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HEPI Guest Post

  • Selecting, Studying and Staying in Higher Education: A Utility Equation?

    30 May 2023 by Dr John Cater

    A Utility Equation is a mathematical construct, a formula doubtless known to Rishi Sunak and all who followed the discipline to Level 3 at 18.   The construct is grounded in microeconomics, an abstract value you gain from a preference, the satisfaction you gain from a selection.  But the author can find…

  • Why UK universities should maintain Chinese collaborations, despite the headwinds

    26 May 2023 by Professor Wendy Alexander

    I was recently back in China. My last trip to Wuhan in January 2020, where Dundee has a joint programme in Architecture, was against the backdrop of the pandemic taking hold. Three years on there was much to repair for a generation of transnational education (TNE) students whose education had been…

  • Weekend Reading: Supporting independent students; a University of York perspective

    20 May 2023 by Professor Tracy Lightfoot

    At this uncertain time, students face many barriers to continuing their education journey. The cost-of-living crisis and the challenges around housing uncertainty, including renting from private landlords, mean we at the University of York are increasingly concerned about the difficulties faced by our most vulnerable groups. We have a vast…

  • Beyond Groupthink: A Mixed Economy Model for Higher Education Funding

    19 May 2023 by Peter Ainsworth

    This blog has been kindly written for HEPI by Peter Ainsworth, the author of Setting Universities Free: How to deliver a sustainable student funding system (2022) Picture the 1930s economic slump, absent Keynes’s challenge to prevailing thought. Classical economists were stuck with the mindset that laissez-faire would ultimately produce a…

  • Deepening engagement to tackle the climate crisis

    18 May 2023 by Anthony McClaran

    Tackling the climate emergency has been recognised as one of the most important issues of the day and is the key concern of young people. Many universities have been at the forefront of climate research and addressing climate change over many decades and I am proud of the role that…

  • The importance of universities in leading communities 

    17 May 2023 by Adam Doyle

    Much of the focus upon university leadership has historically been within institutions. This is unsurprising given the complexity of composition of universities and the challenges the sector has faced, particularly in the last decade. Following on from Richard Calvert’s article last week around how universities can maximise their impact on…