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HEPI Guest Post

  • Implementing a Minimum Income Standard for students

    24 May 2024

    Forty years ago, a student at university in the UK paid no tuition fees, could receive a full maintenance grant and rarely felt in need of a paid job while studying.  By contrast, many of today’s students are under increasing financial strain. The 2023 HEPI/Advance HE Student Academic Experience Survey…

  • Its time to talk tech experience and capability

    22 May 2024 by Michelle Morgan

    There is a lot of discussion at the moment about AI and how we navigate this use of technology with our students.  Technology Foundations for Twenty-First Century Higher Education , which is a collection of essays, edited by Mary Curnock Cook CBE and sponsored by LearningMate, brings together leading Edtech…

  • Culture wars: contemplations of ‘class’ from an academic caught in between

    20 May 2024 by Glenn Fosbraey

    Enter the inverted snob Last Wednesday, I set my first-year Creative Non-Fiction class the task of embarking on an experience that pushed them out of their comfort zones (safely, legally, and in accordance with their moral compasses, of course), and, in a show of solidarity, I foolishly promised them I…

  • Weekend Reading: Increasing tuition fees linked to an institution’s TEF award

    18 May 2024 by Jo Johnson

    A good university funding system for England should have three primary goals: Measured against these objectives, the system Tony Blair introduced 25 years ago – a time-limited and income-contingent graduate contribution towards the repayment of heavily-subsidised loans – is the least bad option. There is nothing wrong with the present…

  • People, Culture and Environment in REF 2029: the journey continues

    17 May 2024 by Duncan Shermer

    The REF team recently announced updates on the development of People, Culture and Environment (PCE) for REF 2029 and opportunities for the research community to engage with the development of this aspect of the exercise. The REF has always been a shared endeavour with the sector and our focus continues…

  • Cry Freedom: An Addendum

    15 May 2024 by James Tooley

    *** Next Tuesday 21st May, we are hosting a webinar discussing non-continuation in UK universities, following the publication of a HEPI Policy Note on the issue. You can sign up to the webinar here. *** In Cry Freedom, published last week by University of Buckingham Press, I presented an argument…

  • How can we access the non-economic benefits of the Humanities?

    14 May 2024 by Annabel Dukes

    In current discussions of the value of humanities research, two concerns come across most strongly: the extent to which humanities research creates skills, and the extent to which humanities research is financially lucrative for individuals, the government and the economy. By contrast, the potential for humanities research knowledge to contribute…

  • Maintaining quality through the cost-of-living crisis

    13 May 2024 by Susi Peacock

    Published last week, HEPI’s report A Minimum Income Standard for Students highlighted the ‘bleak picture’ painted by the latest research on the impacts of the cost-of-living crisis, with more than a quarter of universities now hosting food banks, seven in ten students having considered giving up their studies in the…