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  • 2013 Student Academic Experience Survey

    15 May 2013

    A joint study by Which? and HEPI, to be published on 15 May to coincide with HEPI’s Spring Conference, has produced the most comprehensive research yet into the student academic experience.

  • New arrangements for quality assurance in Higher Education

    2 May 2013

    Anthony McClaran provides a review of the recent developments in quality assurance and focuses on the work that has gone into developing the new method, Higher Education Review. He argues that the 2011 White Paper should be seen more as an evolutionary development rather than a radical departure, when viewed…

  • HEPI Director

    11 April 2013

    Bahram Bekhradnia, the current Director of the Higher Education Policy Institute - a position that he has held since the creation of HEPI in November 2002 - is to step down from his position as Director, and take up a new role as President of HEPI with effect from 31…

  • HEPI Report on part-time higher education

    21 March 2013

    A report published by HEPI (21 March 2013) and written by Professor David Maguire, Vice Chancellor of the University of Greenwich, discusses the importance of part-time higher education.

  • HEPI team up with HEA in new series of House of Commons Breakast seminars

    24 January 2013

    This 10th series of HEPI House of Commons Breakfast Seminars, organised in partnership with the Higher Education Academy, take place at a time when the impact of the Government's HE policy is starting to take effect and creating unprecedented levels of uncertainty in the sector.

  • HEPI publishes analysis of the impact on demand of the Government’s HE reforms

    8 November 2012

    A report published today (8 November) by the Higher Education Policy Institute, assessing all the evidence that is available so far about enrolments at English universities this year, concludes that it is too early to judge whether the Government's higher education reforms take as a whole have discouraged students in…

  • The cost of the Government’s reforms of the financing of higher education

    25 October 2012

    In a report published today (25 October 2012), the Higher Education Policy Institute (HEPI) concludes that the Government's assessment of the cost of its HE policies, and in particular the Resource Accounting and Budgeting cost (the net cost to the Government of the loans that it makes), still depends on…