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  • Responding to the challenges of the OfS’s blended learning review

    19 December 2022 by Matt Riddle

    This blog was kindly provided by Matt Riddle, Principal and Director of Learning Experiences, Curio. A longer version of this article first appeared on the Curio website in October 2022. Is now the perfect time to reconsider the student experience in higher education? The regulatory requirements published by the Office for Students…

  • The Future of Digital Learning Resources: Students’ Expectations versus Reality

    2 December 2022 by Laura Brassington

    Since 2020, learning in higher education has been transformed by digitisation. Digital learning is not a new phenomenon, but its adoption by higher education institutions was accelerated during the COVID-19 pandemic. The shift towards digitisation and online learning offers significant advantages. Making content available online and throughout the day can make learning more…

  • A network for global online learning

    28 July 2022 by Richard F. Heller

    This blog was written by Richard F. Heller, Emeritus Professor at the Universities of Manchester, UK and Newcastle, Australia. The rate of completing higher education varies greatly between countries. The largest disparities in access to higher education are between the Global North and the Global South, with sub-Saharan Africa at only one quarter of the global…

  • The Future Is Here: Upskilling through online learning

    31 May 2022 by Laura Brassington in conversation with the Coursera Skills Transformation Team

    By Laura Brassington in discussion with the Coursera Skills Transformation Team.  In a recent blog post, ‘Five common predictions about COVID and education that now appear to be wrong’, HEPI’s Director, Nick Hillman, pointed out that, contrary to common assumptions, the pandemic saw a rise in student applications to higher education…