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22 May, 2016

Keeping Schtum?: What students think of free speech (Wave 2 of the HEPI / YouthSight Monitor)

22 May, 2016|By Nick Hillman|Publications

12 May, 2016

Boys to Men: The underachievement of young men in higher education – and how to start tackling it

12 May, 2016|By Nick Hillman and Nicholas Robinson, with a Foreword by Mary Curnock Cook|Publications

21 Apr, 2016

Making a Success of Employer Sponsored Education

21 April, 2016|By Dave Phoenix|Publications

25 Feb, 2016

Designing a Teaching Excellence Framework: Lessons from other sectors

25 February, 2016|By Louisa Darian|Publications|1 Comment

28 Jan, 2016

Value-Added: How do you measure whether universities are delivering for their students? HEPI 2015 Annual Lecture

28 January, 2016|Publications|5 Comments

7 Jan, 2016

Response to the higher education green paper

7 January, 2016|By Graham Gibbs, Bahram Bekhradnia, Roger King, Gary Attle, Roxanne Stockwell and Emma Sims (edited by Nick Hillman)|Publications|1 Comment

10 Dec, 2015

Employability: Degrees of value

10 December, 2015|By Johnny Rich|Publications

30 Nov, 2015

What students think about the forthcoming referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU: Wave One of the HEPI / YouthSight Monitor

30 November, 2015|By Nick Hillman|Publications

29 Oct, 2015

It’s the finance, stupid! The decline of part-time higher education and what to do about it

29 October, 2015|By Nick Hillman|Publications|3 Comments

15 Oct, 2015

Students and the 2015 general election: Did they make a difference?

15 October, 2015|By Nick Hillman|Publications