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3 Sep, 2015

Keeping up with the Germans?: A comparison of student funding, internationalisation and research in UK and German universities

3 September, 2015|By Nick Hillman|Publications

16 Jul, 2015

Raising productivity by improving higher technical education: Tackling the Level 4 and Level 5 conundrum

16 July, 2015|By Scott Kelly|Publications|1 Comment

25 Jun, 2015

What do home students think of studying with international students?

25 June, 2015|By Nick Hillman|Publications|1 Comment

4 Jun, 2015

2015 HEPI-HEA Student Academic Experience Survey

4 June, 2015|By Alex Buckley, Ioannis Soilemetzidis and Nick Hillman|Publications|4 Comments

21 May, 2015

The accounting and budgeting of student loans

21 May, 2015|By Andrew McGettigan|Publications

30 Mar, 2015

Open Access: Is a National Licence the answer?

30 March, 2015|By David Price and Sarah Chaytor|Publications

19 Mar, 2015

What do prospective students think about international students?

19 March, 2015|By Nick Hillman|Publications

2 Mar, 2015

Election Briefing

2 March, 2015|By Nick Hillman|Publications

26 Feb, 2015

Whose to lose? Citizens, institutions and the ownership of higher education funding in a devolved UK

26 February, 2015|By Lucy Hunter Blackburn|Publications|1 Comment

5 Feb, 2015

‘What Do I Get?’: Ten essays on student fees, student engagement and student choice

5 February, 2015|By Edited by Nick Hillman|Publications