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HEPI-HEA House of Commons Breakfast Seminar: The well-being of students – how happy are they?

  • 25 February 2015

The well-being of students: how happy are they?

The HEPI-HEA Student Academic Experience Survey 2014 painted a less rosy picture than the happy-go-lucky caricature of young full-time students. The survey suggested that, on average, students have a less good quality of life than others, including other young people. Yet the well-being of students affects their engagement, success and retention. Higher education institutions are now expected to fund more support services themselves, sometimes without additional funding, and demand is likely to grow if the sector continues to expand. How can institutions ensure that students are challenged but content in an age of austerity?


• Megan Dunn, Vice-President Higher Education, NUS

• Paul Blomfield MP, Chair of All Party Students Group

• Dr Ruth Caleb, Head of Counselling, Brunel University London


Paul Blomfield MP, Philippa Levy (HEA), Megan Dunn (NUS), Ruth Caleb (Brunel) and Nick Hillman (HEPI)

Note: This seminar was invite-only but the three presentations were delivered on the record and a sound file is available – please email [email protected].



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