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HEPI-HEA House of Commons Breakfast Seminar – Election 2015: Threats & opportunities for the sector

  • 27 January 2015

Election 2015: Threats & opportunities for the sector

Although higher education may not be a key issue on the doorstep, the 2015 general election could still have a major impact on the sector. The main parties are expected to take different stances on important issues, such as student funding, student numbers and international students. With no party promising to protect the budget of the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, the spending review that is due to take place after the election also poses a real threat to the unit-of-resource as well as the research budget. Who could win and what will it mean for higher education?


• Professor Stephen Fisher, Associate Professor in Political Sociology and a Fellow and Tutor in Politics at Trinity College, Oxford (presentation)

• Professor Sir Steve Smith, Vice-Chancellor, University of Exeter

This event was held under the Chatham House rule but the opening remarks were on the record. If you would like the sound file, please contact [email protected].

IMG_3611Professor Stephen Fisher, Professor Sir Steve Smith, Nick Hillman (HEPI) and Stephanie Marshall (HEA) at Parliament


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