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HEPI-HEA House of Commons Breakfast Seminar: The cost of a degree – is it worth it?

  • 25 March 2015

The cost of a degree – is it worth it? Wednesday 25 March 2015

Students say they want to know where their fees are going but institutional leaders worry that higher education risks being seen as nothing more than a financial transaction. When the student numbers cap comes off, institutions will have to fight harder for students. What does value for money look like in higher education? Should institutions be more open about cross subsidies? What do students have a right to expect?


  • Professor Carl Lygo, Vice Chancellor, BPP University
  • David Palfreyman, Bursar, New College, Oxford
  • David Willetts, former Minister for Universities and Science

Ted Tapper, Carl Lygo, David Willetts, Stephanie Marshall, Nick Hillman and David Palfreyman

A sound file of the opening remarks is available – please email [email protected].

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