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What students think about the forthcoming referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU: Wave One of the HEPI / YouthSight Monitor

  • 30 November 2015
  • By Nick Hillman
  • HEPI number 80

The Higher Education Policy Institute (HEPI) exists to encourage a healthy higher education policy debate rooted in evidence. Rather than taking one side or the other on the European question, we hope to encourage well-informed debate as the referendum approaches. To this end, we have worked with a market research company that specialises in questioning students, YouthSight, to uncover:

  • students’ views and depth of feeling on the EU;
  • their likelihood of voting in the referendum;
  • whether 16 and 17-year olds should be allowed to vote;
  • students’ preferences on how universities should act in the referendum campaign;
  • their views on the current student finance rules for students from the EU; and
  • their opinions on the Prime Minister’s renegotiation on the terms of UK membership.

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