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Higher Education in New Zealand: What might the UK learn?

  • 28 July 2016
  • By Sam Cannicott
  • HEPI number 87

Since 2014, HEPI has undertaken major comparative studies of higher education in Australia and Germany. Now, we turn our attention to New Zealand.

Although the New Zealand higher education sector is small compared to the UK’s, it performs very well in international league tables. Moreover, policymakers in Wellington have given deep thought to issues Westminster and Whitehall might learn from, including:

  • securing student loan repayments from graduates who move overseas;
  • welcoming international students; and
  • tackling low-quality, fast-growing providers in an era of relaxed student number controls.

The author, Sam Cannicott, is an education expert who has worked in senior roles for the Liberal Democrats and Regent’s University London and is now employed in Wellington by Statistics New Zealand.

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