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Tackling Wicked Issues: Prestige and Employment Outcomes in the Teaching Excellence Framework

  • 8 September 2016
  • By Paul Blackmore, Richard Blackwell and Martin Edmondson
  • HEPI number Occasional Paper 14

Successive governments have tried to improve teaching quality in universities. The proposed Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) is the latest attempt.

This new pamphlet explores two of the most difficult issues that need more attention and offers some solutions.

In the first chapter Paul Blackmore considers why research has a higher status than teaching, exploring issues of prestige and reputation to look at what can be done about it.

In the second chapter Richard Blackwell and Martin Edmondson explain why employment outcomes, specifically first destination data, are so important and argue that they should be central to the TEF in future.

1 comment

  1. Anita Mitchell says:

    A really excellent clear and refreshing read – so glad I stumbled across this one! Have you or will you be presenting this at a conference venue?

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