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The invisible problem? Improving students’ mental health

  • 22 September 2016
  • By Poppy Brown, with a Foreword by the Rt Hon. Norman Lamb MP
  • HEPI number 88

Students are less happy and more anxious than the general population, including other young people, and a minority suffer from serious mental disorders.

It is stressful to live away from home without access to past support networks, while learning in new ways, taking on large debts and facing an uncertain future.

Many universities have effective support services in place but demand is outstripping supply. This report by an undergraduate student reveals the true state of students’ mental health and recommends better support, including:

• letting students be registered with a GP at home and at university;

• increasing funding for university counselling and support services; and

• encouraging universities to adopt their own mental health action plans.

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