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2017 HEPI University Partners’ Annual Policy Briefing Day

  • 27 April 2017
  • 9.30am - 3.45pm
  • King's College London

Each year, HEPI organises a day on higher education policy developments for our HEPI Partner organisations. With 2017 signalling a period of profound change both within and outside the sector, this year’s Briefing Day will look at:

  • The bigger picture – what are the risks and opportunities for the sector over the long-term?
  • How is policy made and implemented at the very heart of power?
  • How can universities work most effectively with the media to get their messages across?
  • And also includes a special one-off screening of Ivory Tower: Is college worth the cost? – an award winning documentary on the state of higher education in the United States.

Chaired by Nick Hillman, HEPI Director, speakers include: Wes Streeting MP; Rachel Wolf, former adviser to the Prime Minister and Director of Public First; Richard Garner, former Education Editor, The Independent and author of forthcoming HEPI paper Return on investment? How universities communicate with the outside world.

Each of our HEPI University Partners has a reserved seat at the Briefing Day, with additional seats available on request. To see the full programme please go to and for further details please contact Emma Ma ([email protected])

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