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HEPI / PwC Roundtable Dinner ‘The value of higher education: how can universities demonstrate their civic value?’

  • 25 March 2019
  • PwC Offices Manchester

A key part of the value of higher education relates to the role that institutions play in their local and regional communities as engines of social mobility, drivers of innovation through cutting-edge research and fundamental wealth creators in the broadest sense.

As part of a series organised by HEPI with the support of PwC, this event provides a forum for senior leaders and policymakers from across the sector to discuss the key issues such as:

  • What should universities be doing to make their ‘civic virtue’ self-evident? 
  • Are student fees an appropriate source of funding for a university’s civic role, or are alternative funding sources required?
  • Should universities be prioritising the local and regional role they play to buttress their position nationally (and internationally)?
  • Is it possible to be local, national and global at the same?

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